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Recent Reviews

GHS Moving
Location: Dallas, TX
Worst movers ever! Do not use them, they broke and damage most of my belongings and it took them 4 hours to move a 2 bedroom apartment! The owner tried to charge me more than what was quoted! Very rude
Rating: (1 / 5)
Grace & Peace Transportation
Location: South Holland, IL
Are u guys doing any hiring I have 20 yrs. Of moving experience.
Rating: (5 / 5)
J & D Mini Storage
Location: Jasper, AL
Good job
Rating: (5 / 5)
Montrief, Michael Owner - Rockford Storage
Location: Rockford, IL
This place is by far the worst storage rental and business that I’ve encountered in years!! The service doesn’t exist it’s a dump! The elevators don’t work, not as sanitary as it should be and forget following Covid protocols. The owner is rude and extremely unprofessional. The policies change constantly. They DoNot keep consistent business hours. You never know when they’re open, and your paying for it! Please this is a warning. Do not do business with Rockford Storage 1034 short street Rockford Il.
Rating: (1 / 5)
Crawford House Moving
Location: Barnwell, SC
Sept 2020:Trying to get a singlewide moved for weeks now and hardly any work has been done. I'm just very disappointed no need to write out all the details. It will have to be handled in an appropriate way not too happy right now !

Oct 2020:Ok so here's what happened early Sept. I hired Crawford to move a singlewide that I brought and also referred him to the seller family who is also moving a double wide. He came to both of us we signed the contract , both gave a substantial deposit which specifically stated that he has 30 days. And Crawford didn't do anything but lied to us about moving the homes over and over again. One day it was raining too hard, the next his truck was broke down. He even said he would move my house on a work day and never did. I lost business that day waiting for this liar. The other family urgently needed the home off the lot. He did not seem to care about the urgency and stopped answering our calls at some point. Lord Jesus, I had to pray about this. Then after 30 days, the contract was broken and asked for a refund. Both families has to start all over again. He left us in the dark about everything!

Update 1 Oct 2020: So I Had to look elsewhere for help and I wish I never picked up the phone to call this company. A whole month down the drain & waiting on my refund which I can only hope goes smoothly but doubt it!

Update 2 Oct 2020 :Still no refund after being told he will within 3 days! That was almost a week ago. This guy must be out of his mind! It's already hard enough with Covid 19 and he holding up my refund. I need my money back, NOW!
Rating: (1 / 5)