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While you will likely make many moves during your lifetime, none will be quite as complicated as a long-distance or international move. Whether you decide to rent a moving van and pack and move your own items to make a move that is several thousand miles away, or you decide to work with one of Moving 123’s cross-country or international moving partners, moving day will be upon you before you know it. And with a long-distance move, you’re going to need some long-distance moving tips from experts that have worked with customers just like you before. From the very moment that you make the decision to move, to the day your belongings are finally delivered to your new home (wherever that might be), you need to ensure you are organized and well protected to make sure the process goes smoothly. Tips to Ensure Your Long-Distance Move Goes as Smoothly as Possible For moves just a few miles down the road, and other intrastate moves, you usually just need to place all of your belongings in the back of a van or a few pick-up trucks, and you can hit the road. A long-distance move, however, requires significant planning and is not really something for which you can simply wing it. Moving 123 has put together some long-distance moving tips to help you remember everything that you need to do so that when you leave your existing home for the last time, things will go smoothly. 1. Develop your plan as soon as you make the decision to move. Long-distance moves aren’t ones in which you can just go with the flow. So, create a spreadsheet that outlines the key steps you need to take to ensure the process goes smoothly. Most moving companies that Moving 123 partners with have checklists available that you can use. Otherwise, check out this great checklist from 2. Stay on schedule and don’t let tasks fall behind. Scrambling to take care of everything last minute will be very stressful, and you may find that important tasks are missed. Keeping to a schedule is even more critical if you are making an international move. Ensure that all of those key dates are reflected in your checklist. 3. Get multiple moving estimates before making a final decision on your moving partner. This is where Moving 123 excels – we will put together those estimates for you, saving you the need to make multiple phone calls and repeating the same requirements over and over. Moving 123 connects the nations most trusted and licensed local moving companies and international moving companies, providing carefree relocation services all over the world. 4. Create an inventory list of the items that you own. Go through this process as part of a cleaning and consolidation process. Your move will be far easier if you take the time to either donate or discard items that you no longer need or use. This can also save you money in professional moving services because as a result, you will require less packaging materials. 5. Take your inventory list and determine where all packed items will go in the new home. This will help ensure that all of your boxes are packaged correctly, and labeled with their destination. The movers will then bring your packages directly to the new room, saving you a lot of time and energy once you are in your new home. This process will also keep you more organized and will ensure that everything you need in particular rooms in your new house is there when you need them. It can be very frustrating to unpack everything that is assigned to your kitchen and then not find your coffee maker and find out months down the road (after you have bought a new one) that it was packed with items for the guest room, which was not unpacked right away. 6. Label your boxes carefully and per the instructions of the moving company. When you move long distance, it is possible that your boxes will be placed on a long-distance moving truck that includes boxes that belong to other families that are going through their own move. To keep your belongings from getting mixed up with others, or dropped off at the wrong location, every box should be clearly labeled with your name and the intended destination in the new home. You may also wish to include your phone number on each box, just in case it is delivered to the wrong destination. What to Look for When Researching Long-Distance Movers Every long-distance move is different as it will have varying needs. When you are hiring a long-distance or international mover, you want to ensure that the moving partner has the ability and experience to provide you with the services that you require. Further, they need to offer flexibility to your unique situation, allowing you to select additional services, and decline the services you do not need. With so many different choices in moving partners, it can be hard to decide which partner is best, most cost-effective, and right-sized for what you need. Occasionally, families fall victim to scam artists, and sadly, this is common in the moving industry. To avoid a moving scam, you need to ask the right questions, require documentation, and be aware. How much it costs for a long-distance move There are many factors that go into calculating exact moving costs such as the number of belongings being moved, the distance from your old home to your new one, costs for packing and unpacking, special requirements provided by homeowners, the move date, and so much more. The best way to find out a more precise estimate for your move is to contact Moving 123 with the key details for your move. In addition to the factors mentioned above, Moving 123 will also need to know the square footage of your existing home and the number and type of rooms, along with what add-on services that you will require (such as the need for international service and overseas transportation). Get Your Long-Distance Moving Quote from Moving 123 When it comes time for a move, we know that for many families, it involves late night planning and organization so as not to cut into the work day more than necessary. As such, our support line is staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to ensure you can get the information you need when you need it. Give our professionals at Moving 123 a call at (855) 511-2130 to get a long-distance moving estimate. Or, feel free to fill out the Contact Us form on our website. One of our team members will get back to you as soon as possible to answer your questions. For international moves, our team of professionals will walk you through a detailed survey to provide you with an accurate, reliable moving estimate. Depending on your unique needs, your estimate could include figures for moving and freight, storage, and transition services. Moving 123’s partners will further document your needs and provide a moving plan that is specified to your needs, budget, and international destination. You will have support through the entire process, and our team is available for consultation on matters of travel, customs, and culture, as needed. Long-distance moving whether it is to the other side of the country, or the other side of the world creates so much to think about. The Moving 123 team will be here to provide you with outstanding customer service to make sure your move is done right.

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